Circle City Power Soccer, Inc.

The mission of Circle City Power Soccer, Inc. is to provide persons with physical disabilities using power wheelchairs the opportunity to play, learn, and compete in the sport of power soccer in the south side of Indianapolis.

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Welcome to Circle City Power soccer, inc.

Home of the 7x National Champion team, Circle City Rollers and newly formed Circle City Renegades.

Circle City Power Soccer is a non-profit organization with the goal of organizing, promoting and supporting power soccer teams in the southern Indianapolis area. The organization seeks to foster the growth of power soccer, while providing an atmosphere of diversity and inclusion for all who are willing to participate.


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Athletes Over the Years


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Circle City Coaching Staff

Circle City Rollers

Mike Hayes

Coach Mike Hayes of the Circle City Rollers, 7 time National Champions. Also coach of Team USA and USPSA Referee.

Circle City Renegades

Mike Harman

Coach Mike Harman of the Circle City Renegades.

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